A look at typographic process

Typography for Recurring Titles

A look at the process of A Worthy Cause - many of the above are proposals for recurring documents, showing a year on year change.

A large part of the A Worthy Cause studio's work is in producing reports and documents that most people will ever see; mostly in support of the arts. These are faceless documents and cover broad spectra of topics. Speaking of and dealing with art and culture they need to address a wide audience without the subject being pigeonholed; they need to feel alive, vital and current; the documents must convey a richness that arts funding prvides to many lives.

Through long experience, the most efficient manner of achieving these aims is by staying abstract, and using typography as expressively as allowed by the constraints of legibility and the reading context. These are local government documents after all.

Many of these are recurrances of the same title and so require continual evolution and re-assessment. The challenge is to keep them new and exciting (as much as a funding document can be). The exploratory process is so important here - hence many of the images above are variations on themes and titles, to show this rigourous process.

The messiness of many of these pieces is also a tribute to the artists who receive funding which allows them explore ideas and make mistakes, but will hopefully pull something wonderful together at the end, just as an underlying grid pulls these typographic works together.

NB - many of these works appear on other pages of this site in their final state.


The software used to bring together all these various marks and fonts was Adobe's Creative Cloud suite. Most fonts are served from Monotype.


Client: Wicklow Public Arts

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