Brand Identity for Trinity School of Business

A unified identity for divergent academic courses

A school within a well known college in Dublin City Centre, the Trinity School of Business was previously known by a number of names. There was the official name but it was mostly called after the BESS modules which attracted business students. The branding was aimed at creating a unity between its academic offerings, and a solid coherency and visual structure to the school in advance of a campus move.

The logo stands on the quality of the font. The chosen type is a modern, contemporary version of a much older style of font, based on Egyptienne fonts, but with a more personable feel. The logo creates a square block, in its own regard, built to facilitate a square partner image of the new building after the move.


The initial identity was created as a simple direct entity, with integrity. The font chosen for this purpose was Adagio by Mateusz Machalski from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. It has the necessary sincerity, with some movement and great attention to detail.


Time was of the essence with a new influx of students and an impending move to a new building. Client: Trinity College

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