Salon Management Software UI Redesign

UI design for Dublin-based software company Phorest. A new approach keeping familiar user flow.

Phorest have been clients of A Worthy Cause since their earliest days. On the basis of the first versions of their salon management software they became market leaders. In 2015 the chance was taken to update the software's interface.

The user-base is not a primarily technophile group so the emphasis of the brief was to retain as much commonality as possible between the old and new versions while it was re-worked from the ground on up. Users had their own methods and pathways through the software that were personally familiar to them, to the point of being subconscious to a certain degree. It was paramount not to disrupt this to any degree.

A major change, which brought a new way of working to all users, was the introduction of a global menu making all sections of the software more instantly accessible - appointment booking, staff management, voucher discounts, stock-taking etc. The user could jump directly between. This was an exciting change that improved the working day for over one million installations.

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The designs created used a new palette which harmonised the old colours. A core of old colours had to be retained as they each had a meaning depending on their appearance on-screen. Likewise button, input, list and form areas had to be consistent with previous versions. The designs grew up from what had to be retained.


Ultimately the new UI gave users a new experience but without losing their current working methods. No-one was left scrambling to get used to the new UI. They could just admire it and get on with growing their business.

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