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Promoting local history through effective design

In 2019 A Worthy Cause designed and managed the installation of a town history to take up the full length of a corridor in Arklow's new public libary. A walking trail was linked to this and guides walkers through the sites mentioned. The resulting pieces of public information design help the local people of Arklow appreciate the heritage and long-standing traditions and history of their martime town.

This piece of public information design was a huge collaborative effort.

The studio pulled together representatives from Wicklow County Council, the librarians in Arklow, Arklow town council, local historians and business people, a calligrapher / signpainter and a signmaker.

Creating the walking trail through the town started by doing the research of actually walking every part of Arklow. Then in turn it led to drawing maps, linking the historical information to the locations, creating a clear timeline of important events and stand-out dates and then creating a plan for the design and how it would closely link to the construction of the timeline in the library.


A Worthy Cause uses Adobe Creative Suite and fonts from Fontstand, Monotype. Suppliers include Oona Tully Calligrapher and Redmond Signs.


Arklow Public Library

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