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Alongside regular commissioned studio work, a number of projects are always being kicked around.

Of these, several are fit to be seen. You can buy copies at the links below.

Art poster for children of opera scene
Art poster for children of nightime scene a castle filled with badgersArt poster for children of freighter at sea where all the animals have escaped from their cratesArt poster for children of undersea adventureArt poster for children of opera scene

Poster Art for Kids

Looking & Telling
Art for children

Looking and Telling poster art for children

Kids love stories, and they prefer telling them. Looking & Telling posters are created with lots of non-linear action about to happen, messes and accidents caused and imaginative leaps to make.

It’s all about the details. No talking down, no big simple shapes here; a world of fantastic depth invites the little guys to jump in!

Developing language skills is hard work for growing brains. Stories help engage this process by getting kids to talk at length - practice expands a child’s ability to discuss and describe their world, and all the things in it that are all new, all exciting, all of the time!

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Drawing of scene from Pincher Martin by Golding
Drawing of Salome dancing as described by Padraic o conaire in tetrarch of GalileeDrawing of scene from Hans Fallada's Lonely in BerlinDrawing of scene from Jean Claude Izzo's The Lost SailorsDrawing of scene from Pincher Martin by Golding

Reading the Alphabet, Drawing a Response

Book of drawings by Ronan McDonnell

Reading the alphabet drawings by ronan mcdonnell

The images in this book are just drawings; simple and direct responses to books. They are not illustrations, they don't explain anything. They might be visualisations of descriptions, links back to the real world, moments of pathos, freely made associations. They are the images that emerged from these books while I was reading. I just drew them as they appeared.

Copies held by NIVAL (the National Irish Visual Arts Library)

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