Phorest Rebrand

A completely new identity for a growing digital product company

Phorest is a salon management software company that is growing at a phenomenal rate. Growth is their thing.

Growth is not just an idea to them, it's what they bring to their clients. With a name like Phorest and an emphasis on growing the path was obvious - seeds. It didn't help that up until the rebrand their logo was a poodle. It had to be put down.

As a digital company promoting their software, web services and a certain number of real world products, the brand has a lot of work to do, lots of appearances to make, lots of outfits to carry off with a dash of style. It came down to a mark, a mark with intergrated type and a tagline, all bolstered by a vast palette of colours to be used in the software as well as the promotion items. Type was selected, rules were written and specifications supplied.


The basic software was used after loads of pen and pencil sketching - Adobe CC. The job was most interesting, technically, when it came to fonts. Google's webfonts platform was selected for its flexibility, and its supply of desktop versions. The main fonts chosen were Benchnine by Vernon Adams (with digits replaced by Economica by Vicente Lamónaca) and Merriweather by Eben Sorkin.


The rebrand was great fun, a month of small refinements after a week of drawing organic shapes. Its not often so much time can be assigned to a project. Client: Phorest

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