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The images above are just two recent examples of the many brands A Worthy Cause has created and crafted. Phorest is a global leader in salon software, and NEEP was created as an educational body overseeing all Irish equestrian sports.

A Worthy Cause has created identities for one person businesses, SMEs in many different sectors, exhibitions and events, festivals and publications, arts foundations and groups, public funding initiatives, regional archives, schools, heritage centres, galleries and many more.

This diversity and range has been a calling card of the studio. Each identity reflects exactly the message of that particular identity - there is no A Worthy Cause style that gets applied to everything.

The first step in identity design is to recognise the message to be conveyed. A good design will be based on a firm knowledge of the business or group it represents. It will give a clear message of who they are and what they do. Most of all, it will feel right.


A Worthy Cause uses Adobe Creative Suite and fonts from Fontstand, Monotype. Suppliers include Webflow, Modx, Wordpress, Blacknight, Pace Print and more.


Phorest Salon Software & RDS

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