Ashford Community & Heritage Centre Identity Design

Ashford community poured money into a local resource. The identity reflects their pride in the building.

The story of Ashford Community & Heritage Centre is a wonderful one. A group of locals, faced with the crumbling remains of an old village school, decided that it should form the basis of a locally-funded renovation. The buidling was completely transformed into a modern office space and cultural venue, with small museum quality arrangements in an exhibition space, a large hall and central meeting area. The entire job was overseen in a conservation context by DMOD architects.

The pride in the work and construction of so many is obvious. So when A Worthy Cause was asked to create an identity, the building itself was the only real option. The logo echoes its shapes, but is drawn from the park across the road, a less obvious view making the visitor look twice to appreciate it.


The identity was built as the work on-site was being finished. This was an exciting approach as both grew together and became on entity. As with all identities the final artwork was created in Adobe CC suite, but this differs in that it required much on-site drawing and photography to find a suitably iconic mark.


The identity owes much to the enthusiasm and support of the local community who have created such a fantastic resource.

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