GDPR Illustrations

Making GDPR Relatable

First up it must be said that A Worthy Cause is a huge fan of the EU's pro-privacy GDPR move. It's big and bold, and pre-emptive. BUT, it's a nightmare for small companies to adopt and for a number of reasons.

Primarily, it means switching to new ways of doing things, with more detailed, secure and controlled records. Secondly, it is difficult to think about for many, and supremely dull for most. In general, few are bothered enough to familiarise themselves with the concepts to the point of understanding how the laws are applicable to them, and assistive.

That's where illustration comes in. The client, Phorest, is Europe's leading salon software company. They handle booking and personal details, via traders, of numbers of clients that are unimaginable to A Worthy Cause. The problem here is the traders are generally people who aren't techie, and don't particularly care beyond their appointments and supplies systems working. But Phorest have a duty to shield them, and in doing so, protect themselves, so they have a long-running campaign of how to become compliant.

So far, so dull...

Basically, a few illustrations are needed for the most technical of the information to visually describe the concepts.


Software used was Adobe Photoshop. The frames were hand drawn using a custom brush created only for Phorest illustration.


Favourite moment is the coffee's steam curling into a heart, or the dangling earrings. Client: Phorest Salon Software

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