Energy Elephant Digital Presentation

Making & designing a clear presentation and message

Energy Elephant are a digital product start-up based in Dublin. In beta, they are looking for backers for their product, aiming to create a groundswell of interest. To do this they are leveraging the power of several international software competitions, pitching themselves against their peers.

The product is great, it's ingenious and well-crafted. The problem lay in selling it. They needed to move from the tech speak of engineers intimately familiar with their product to a more accesssible language and image. A Worthy Cause stepped in to transform their pitch. Everything was implified down to it's barest bones to convey a single, clear and un-ambiguous message.

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The assets for the pitch were created using Adobe products, while the project was compiled and animated in Apple's Keynote. The project was a great excuse to use Type Dynamic's Sailec font, which improves everything it comes into contact with.


The deadline was a tight squeeze, a week from start to finish, just before the Christmas Holidays. Client: Energy Elephant

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