County Wicklow Arts Strategy 2015-2017

Identity design and application for County Wicklow's public art strategy

Wicklow County Council's Arts Office devised a funding, arts promotion and support strategy for the coming 3 four years in 2015. The identity was rolled out across various media in print and digitally. It runs as a supporting logo on many other items beside as a denotation of a project's funding source.

The identity itself was born from a need for a single over-arching statement that united th various arts and crafts practitioners in the county. The sense of place is very important to those in one of Ireland's most stunning counties, so the identity evolved as a legend or gauge of this unity. The map's legend motif was apt and acted as a clear underline to the project title.


As usual nothing was created before many sketches were made in notebooks. The identity stands by the use of Sperling by Jan Dominik Gillich & Alisa Nowak - it's a striking and unusual font, very distinctive but somehow without losing its quirky, strange gravitas. Once the type was selected, the job was quickly transferred into digital formats via Adobe Creative suite. The logo was furnished in a suite of colours and file formats.


Unusually for a logo, there was no requirement that this identity would ever appear on large scale pieces. It's use is much more in keeping with much older traditions - cartography, wax seals. The type is handled in this manner, evocative of legal documents and parchments from dusty libraries. Client: Wicklow County Council

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