Brand Mark Design

Creating a sense of space

Loci Planning Consultancy re-launched in 2016 and required a brand evolution.

To do this a design grew out of taking the original square, twisting it and turning it into a projected representation of three dimensional space. It becomes a field, or defined location in reference to the latin origin of the company name.

The White dot gives an emphasis in the space, standing out like a human figure in a plan, while the type sits on strict lines linking it to the holding shape.

By careful placing of all elements within the projected area, the logo becomes more functional and stamp-like having only a single colour at it edges that interacts with its surroundings. In practice this make sit flexible for sitting on busy plans and diagrams, and comfortable isolated on strippe dback letterheads and report covers.


Software used was Adobe Illustrator. The type is based on Frutiger's reformed Avenir Next.


The yellow background with black text was the idea of the planners. They colours are those used in hazard warning signs on roads, as the particular yellow is the first colour to hit the retina and be processed, while having enough pigment to hold reversed out elements.

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