Beaumont Hospital Poster

Poster design for Beaumont Hospital Social Work Department

Beaumont Social Work Department required a clear poster that accurately described and reflected their offering. They wanted to clarify what they do, both openly and behind the scenes. 

Not to sound too poetic about it but...

The tree motif was selected as the most apt. A tall oak stands proud, with a reliable solidity. Its branches reach into the air, each spreading out and finding its own way to work for the tree. Beneath the ground and unseen, the roots do the same, holding the tree in place, watering and feeding it, while its branches hold the leaves that will breathe. A hospital should be filled with these small thoughts on the wondrous and fleeting nature of life.


The poster was done in a number of hours. Spread across two days the deadline was tight. Initially the plan was sketched by hand. From there it was created in Adobe Illustrator using custom brushes and textures. A self-portrait and T-Rex were included (shown above).


Client: Beaumont Social Work Department

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