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Much of the studio output from A Worthy Cause is in the cross-over between art and commerce. This is manifested in support design and presentation for arts and crafts practitioners, awards and support bodies.

The pieces shown here are a trio of reports produced by Wicklow County Council's Arts Office to ensure continued funding for artists, craftspeople, musicians, dancers, actors and more who are based in that county. The support given to local initiatives by the Arts Office in Wicklow is extraordinary, and is so often thankless. So the designs are bright, bold and positive. They stand up and shout.

The designs produced also reflect the arts represented - they move, but are controlled; are messy but considered & tempered. They are methodical, bright and fight to be heard.


Software used was Adobe's Creative Cloud suite - Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. The expressive marks were made by a mix of Kyle's Brushes and those made by A Worthy Cause. Type throughout the project was Twentieth Century, designed in 1959 by Sol Hess and served by Monotype.


The Arts in Wicklow have a loud voice in local government, the designs are loud enough to match. Client: Wicklow County Council

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