Abbey Theatre Digital Annual Report

Ireland's National Theatre

In a big move from its legacy of printed archives, the Abbey chose to bravely face a digital future in 2017. An annual report is a document that by its content, nature & by virtue of its very existence records the past, in the voice of the monent, and looks to the future.

By embracing a digital format the Abbey Theatre makes good on its promises for greater digital integration, removes the physical waste of printed copies and pushes forward with its new digital identity which is being brought to fruition by Zoo Digital. It's an exciting departure, and one that the A Worthy Cause studio takes great pride in pushing forward. The annual report which was designed and coded by A Worthy Cause is the first of the digital-only documents to be produced by Ireland's National Theatre.

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The format was originally open for discussion, and in its final realisation sat in two digital formats; a comprehensive html document and a downloadable pdf. The html, as might be expected leads, and is formatted as being responsive, using up to date techniques such as off-screen navigation, interactive SVG diagrams, subtle animation, responsive images handled by the user's browser, section highlighting, animated image captions supported by screen reader text and web fonts in two forms. Software used was Adobe's Creative Cloud suite - Illustrator for SVG output, Photoshop for image assets, Dreamweaver for coding. Fonts used were Steve Matteson's Opens Sans via Google Fonts and the Adobe Originals font Acumin, served via Typekit.


Entering a new era meant the design was deliberated over at length. The archival aspect weighed heavily against the instant availability of the information.

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