Logo Design for County Wicklow's 1916 Centenary Commemmorations

A strong typographic mark that stays neutral while remembering what remains a contentious, fiery time.

Celebrating the 1916 Rising is a tricky issue. Our nation was born of it, out of the ideals of a few. It was unpopular and seen as an urban issue at the time, it crossed religious and social divides in an often more democratic way than has been widely recognised since. It celebrates a moment in time when violent struggle became our nascent Republic's main means of finding legitimacy. In short, much of what the history entails is still alive, still debated, and still incendiary.

Basically, it is a political, cultural and historic tightrope walk of delicacy and diplomacy. There was no option that using sole typography, stating that facts - Wicklow is remembering what happened 100 years ago. Type alone allows us not exclude any faction, side or side or viewpoints.

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The logo was created and furnished as a full identity suite. It was officially launched by Wicklow dignitaries and Minister of State Simon Harris in January 2016


As mentioned the logo is impartial. Much of the 1916 celebrations has felt neutered, as if it is being so even-handed it has nothing of its own to say. We, as a nation, seem unwilling to face up to the harsh realities of that time. That is not how to look at it. We have moved on to such an extent that violence on our streets is not seen as something to celebrate, nor to forget.

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