RDS Annual Report

Ireland's Oldest Philanthropic Body

The RDS is often thought of as either a sports and exhibition ground, or a members' club. True, it is both of those things, but the range of endeavour goes far beyond these most visible concerns.

The annual report is an opportunity to address gaps in the perception, both in the public and in the members' own awareness of how much is done - funding for the arts and science, platforms for business and enterprise engagement, agriculture promotion, the list is as long as befits an organisation founded in 1731, and still running.

It is a major point of the pride of this studio to be involved with the RDS for the past few years, doing everything from small promotional items up to reports and exhibition signage.


Software used was Adobe Creative Suite - Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator. The type is is FF Kievit from Fontshop, designed by Michael Abbink and Paul van der Laan in 2001.


The Royal Dublin Society has been engaged in recent years in a solidification of its image, a process initiated by workgroup.ie

Other Recent Works

A Worthy Cause Design
18 St Aidans Park
Dublin 3
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