Editorial Design

Typesetting, layout and creative visual design for publications including books and magazines

The A Worthy Cause studio began as a screenprinting business which was an offshoot from Claw, an editorial design bureau, as we loftily called it. Over time, one scaled back to closing and A Worthy Cause became the primary vehicle for design output, bring editorial clients along.

A Worthy Cause has been involved in publication graphic design ranging from fashion & cultural magazines to academic journals, artists' books, fiction book covers, and more. The studio has worked on producing one off or short run books, and scaled right up to working on editorial templates for monthly magazine production - researching and developing grids, typesetting style guides, colour palettes, section idents and looked at ways of streamlining the production process within production teams.


A Worthy Cause uses Adobe Creative Suite and fonts from Fontstand, Monotype. Suppliers include Webflow, Modx, Wordpress, Blacknight, Pace Print and more.


Field Day, Outsider, Mongrel &c.

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All A Worthy Cause projects begin with a chat to discuss a client's unique needs. Contact the studio to begin your project.

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