Looking & Telling

Art for children designed to encourage language development by Ronan McDonnell

Looking & Telling was originally two posters, one for each of my sons and produced before they could read. They loved hearing and telling stories somuch, the artworks were created to allow them, and other kids, tell stories.

The posters have since grown to encompass language development and visual literacy aspects. They are useful tools masquerading as room design pieces. They are comprised of several elements, normally slightly-anthropomorphic animal characters, within set scenes. The characters are placed in situ and performing actions that vaguely relate to each other. This means there is no clear cause-and-effect narrative or linear plot for the child to tell. It is up to them to use their individual imagination to create a story and tell it. This helps build associations, descriptive powers and visual perception.

But most of all it makes for fun art for their walls.

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The lack of a single core story has been great fun. Listening to kids argue that their perception of what is going on is the correct one has been fascinating. It gives them the power to pursue and advocate their own vision.


Looking & Telling has been selected as going on show at the Global Irish Design Challenge in Dublin Castle for the summer of 2016. Client: Personal Project by A Worthy Cause Studio.

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