House Illustration Style Creation

A simple, quick style to get a point across

The client had asked to convey their business quickly in a visual manner. The business is an abstract offering, driven solely by the owner's personality and experience. Photography was too literal and proscriptive, so illustration was called for. Early on a house style was created, which could be quick to produce, and flexible for conveying complex messages.

The business largely takes the form of critical exchanges, which to some can seem negative so the illustration approach needed to soften this, highlight the personality, and yet show characters who were ciphers. It needed a gentle humour; very touchy, feely.

The images shown here are to give a brand overview - the business is about coaching business owners to take a step back and see their operations from outside perspectives, or their clients' views.


oftware used was Adobe Photoshop. The marks were all made by custom created inking brushes.


A light hearted touch on a serious business. Client: Alec Drew

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