Gin Label

Small batch gin for Castle Leslie Estate

A small batch gin produced from botanicals found on Castle Leslie Estate. Each bottle is signed and hand-numbered, in a tiny batch of 50; veritable hens' teeth.

This was a joyous little project, albeit a curiosity & challenge in a teetotal studio. The design was produced following research across the micro-distillery market currently in vogue. There are a number of quirks to label design, unspoken rules differentiating between types of liquor at a glance - lightness of gin against the solemnity of whiskey, severity of vodka etc. They aren't set in stone, but the label should feel right for the product.

Consequently, the type was, as expected on liquor bottles, involved and multi-layered, worked and re-worked. In tandem with this was the requirement that it fit into the brand identity for the Estate itself, which A Worthy Cause manages.

As the product is short-run, hand-made and using hand-picked ingredients, it needed to lead with artwork of a similar approach. The Fighting Bishop title refers to an actual historical figure, so his portrait was the beginning, and several hand renders were ested, before ending up with a relief print. Interestingly there was no one, definite source of the Bishop's image. The final design is an amalgamation from various sources, passed on by the Estate's archivist. The relief cut was chosen as being historically sympathetic to the time the bihsop would have lived.


Assembled from block relief prints in Adobe Illustrator. Type is Miller. Printed by Label Tech in Santry.


Client: Castle Leslie Estate

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