Custom & Unique Design Strategy

No one size fits all templates.
Every project begins from scratch with investigation and research.

taking a logo for a podcast from initial concepts to finished artwork
taking a logo for a podcast from initial concepts to finished artwork

As a studio, A Worthy Cause is project-led. This is simply to say there are no preconceived ideas.

For some companies, length in business can result in a range of easy well-it's-worked-before solutions. A Worthy Cause's long experience of over 17 years has resulted in the opposite - a guarantee of quality through constant regeneration and reimagining solutions.

Every project begins life as a plan in a sketchbook. This is a fast, tactile and real world process. Potential snags are caught early, while better solutions often reveal themselves through repetition or looking at the problem from a different angle. This speed keeps projects fresh.

From the smallest to the largest, projects are scrupulously considered on their own merits from every angle. Depending on your project, you can expect to discuss what is the best platform. Should it be print, digital or a combination? Who is the target audience? Should it speak to others beyond that target? What is the nature of the project, how did it come about, is there a story to tell? Are there concrete targets to meet? How did it come about? Who will be the closest competitors and market leaders?

Each consideration can lead to a valuable insight and create unique visuals - is it to be a purely on-screen, flawless experience, or does a hand-crafted & heritage image suit better? Should it be loud, or quiet? What tone should be conveyed, serious, humourous, clever... Your project is an environmental, or historical one - let's try woodcuts? You are developing an app? Great, let's figure out the code required and where to launch it. The studio will adapt its working methods, soft- and hardware to match.

This flexibility is fundamental to a successful project. Good design comes from diligent research, and adaptable working methods from the start.

A Worthy Cause's core belief is that a studio should to listen to clients, then work with them to meet and exceed their requirements.

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