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Cyril O'Neill is a long established firm of legal costs accountants, based in Dublin.
Legal cost accounting, as might be imagined, is a largely abstract enterprise, dealing in figures and little else. The challenge was to bring such a cerebral business to life.

The website grew from an initial meeting and exploratory research on the business. The business is almost unique at this time, verging on anachronism, in that everything they do requires an actual paper trail. Every piece of information is singularly decoded and interpreted by a human reader, holding a sheet of paper. It's quite astounding.

The staff's collective eye is for detail. Sifting through enormous amounts of superfluous figures they truly need to be able to see the wood for the trees.

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The previous site's architecture was used as a foundation The number of pages was greatly reduced resulting in less loading - a page for company information and a second for conatct and address details. Software used was Dreamweaver in Adobe's Creative Cloud suite. The typography is all handled by Freight designed by Phil's Fonts and served via Typekit. The website was hand-coded to be responsive and mobile first. No framework was used to keep loading requirements to a minimum, along with srcset images and stripped back scripts.


The turnaround was fast on this - three weeks from production of initial designs to publishing a live website.

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