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Attention to detail is key to effective brand management, A Worthy Cause design carefully crafts strong Irish brands from the smallest parts to the bigger picture.

Managing the brand of a huge organisation like the RDS is both a logistical and a design challenge.
It is also a very human undertaking - the studio works closely with the various represetatives of each department and understands the differing needs of each. But the key to the success is to match those needs with a single unified graphic approach that ensures visual consistency across the whole organisation and through a range of platforms and media, giving different messages originating from various points.
The RDS has a core brand which is applied to, and evolves with, each application, as new unforeseen situations arise. To take a concrete example - in headlines the corporate font is a four colour process composite, but how can this apply in an advertising campaign for a national newspaper when strict registration cannot be ensured? Another example - how can an event for kids seem like it is promoted by the same organisation as another promoted event for business leaders? Each of these requires sub-brands which must all feel like exactly that - they fit in cleanly within the main brand itself.
Then there are the really small details. In the membership form shown above, the original had white tick boxes on a light grey background. It looked great. But working with the membership team on a drive to recruit more members, which was also streamlining the process for the admin staff, a realisation occured. Older respondents, or those with poorer eyesight couldn't see those white boxes, so small outline was added. A tiny change helped people sign up, be clearer in their answers and the membership team were better able to answer. It is just one example of how a small change can have big results.


A Worthy Cause uses Adobe Creative Suite and fonts from Fontstand, Monotype. Suppliers include Webflow, Modx, Wordpress, Blacknight, Pace Print and more.



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