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Managing the brand's design and evolution, while improving and strengthening its application for a luxury country estate

For 7 years A Worthy Cause has been the brand guardian for Castle Leslie Estate. An exclusive country heritage estate, Castle Leslie needs to know that in everything they do, and in every way they present themselves, they are consistently setting standards at the heights of service and luxury.

Ok, that's a mouthful. What it means in brass tacks to a design studio is that everything that is produced has to be absolutely immaculate, the attention to craft and detail must be second to none. Each item from the smallest detail to the largest billboard also has to be instantly recognisable as part of a wider brand.

In Castle Leslie's case there is a further challenge - with the Equestrian centre, the Fighting Bishop gin, Estate confections and various other enterprises the brand has a web of sub-brands - part of Castle Leslie, but not part of the core brand. The core brand itself is already wide - maps, newsletters, corporate governance publications, seasonal messaging, press advertising...

It's a big job, but is also a relationship that is built on and lived over time.


A Worthy Cause uses Adobe Creative Suite and fonts from Fontstand, Monotype. Suppliers include Webflow, Modx, Wordpress, Blacknight, Pace Print and more.


Castle Leslie Estate

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