Animated Character Illustration

A personable salon owner

How do you sell something like new legislation on the importance of digital rights and privacy to people who prefer to not be on computers? No-one sets up a beauty salon to live in the digital world, and yet to runa business it's a necessity.

This character was created to be someone perplexed and then reassured by the new GDPR rules. They were saved headaches by their software already being compliant. The character needed to be a figure that could be related to - stylish, but not full of herself, girly but adult and assured, a business owner or manager, or just another employee. She had to have have enough character to be exasperated, not so much she seemed ditressed. Thanks to Nimah in Phorest who gave excellent fashion advice, while she shopped online as "research".

A flat graphic wasn't going to cut it, so she got herself animated.

no more difficult paperwork


Software used was Adobe Photoshop. The frames were hand drawn using a custom brush created only for Phorest illustration.


Favourite moment is the coffee's steam curling into a heart, or the dangling earrings. Client: Phorest Salon Software

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